New!  Acousti-Bands Are Here!

AcoustibandsAlthough using simple rubber bands are an inexpensive way to fasten your Acoustifoam, we know that having to change them every few weeks can be a hassle!  That's where these specially designed bands are a big improvement!

Each of these bands will last for about a year!  They are stronger and hold your shoulder rests in place much better than a plain rubber band!

These are not available in any store!

We know, we've been looking for an improved fastener for years!  We finally decided to design one ourselves and offer them to our loyal customers. Our only warning is to not get the Acoustibands wet with soap & water! 

There are 3 different sizes:

4.5" x 1/8 "

4" x 1/16"

5" x 1/8"

Starting in 2012, all new Acoustifoams come with a set of Acousti-Bands. We are offering a package of 9 additional bands (3 of each size) for a flat price of $7.00

Order them today and tell us how you like them! 

Cat Approved

Like all our Products, the Acousti-Bands are "Cat-Approved"