Introducing : The Acoustifoam Shim!


This little, wedge-shaped accessory is perfect for preventing slippage of the shoulder rest by providing extra traction with your shoulder.  It also serves to provide extra lift to the rest.



You can attach one or two shims to each shoulder rest, depending on the amount of support you need. 

The picture to the right shows how one shim may fit on each shoulder rest.





This picture shows how 2 shims can fit on one Shoulder rest.  In addition to the placements shown here, the shim can be rotated to fit you better!






Use the Velcro patches included to attach the shim to the Acoustifoam. 




The Shims are sold complete with Velcro patches.

The price is:  $10 for the first shim, $8 for each additional shim .

There is no charge for shipping in the continental USA.

Contact us for shipping charges outside the USA at please.